Bicycles and photography, funny how they seem to go hand and hand. I've been taking pictures since my father taught me to develop film at age 8. The childhood hobby intensified in adulthood, fueled by a love of old cameras and medium format film. Reluctantly at first, I began to use digital capture to photograph bicycles for my blog. And photograph them I did. Over the past 4 years, I have accumulated a body of work that has brought me more joy and satisfaction than I could have imagined.

Bicycle and product reviews
I review bicycles and bike-related products on my blog Lovely Bicycle, as well as for Bicycling Magazine. If you are a manufacturer interested in submitting your product for review, please get in touch. There is no cost involved, and I do not accept payment for reviews. Reviewed products are typically returned or given away.

Shop visits and event coverage
I am always happy to feature local events, bike shops, framebuilders and artisans on my blog Lovely Bicycle, if the theme is suitable and if my schedule allows. There is absolutely no cost involved; simply get in touch and invite me. I will take photos, talk to you about your work or event, and if I can weave it into a story that I think will be interesting to my readers, it will appear on the blog. To discuss events and shop visits outside the greater Boston area, please contact me.

Recent shop visits and event coverage
Magic in Vermont: the Old Spokes Home
Boston Brevet Series 600K
Visiting Neighbours at Work: the Seven Cycles Factory
Bruce Gordon Was Nice to Me
Along for the Ride with the Veteran Cycle Club of Northern Ireland
With an emphasis on visual narrative, I have over 10 years of experience in photography, including 4 years of experience in bicycle-specific photography. I am equally comfortable working with digital and film equipment (medium format and 35mm). I am available for event coverage, promotional photography, product photography and personal projects. I am able to work in a team of other photographers. For examples of my work, please browse the gallery and my picture sets on flickr. Many of my existing images are available for purchase in high resolution. Contact me for rates and further details.

My professional background in research psychology, combined with a growing experience in the bicycle industry, enables me to offer meaningful input into a range of business practices - including marketing, product design, and purchasing decisions. My clients and collaborators have included bike shops, framebuilders and small manufacturers. If you think I can be of help and would like additional details on my credentials, background, etc., please get in touch.

Advertising on the Lovely Bicycle blog
The blog Lovely Bicycle is sustained through carefully selected banner advertisements. Sponsors' banners are displayed on the righthand sidebar of the website in rotating order in exchange for a monthly payment. I do not participate in affiliate marketing, I do not place paid promotional content within blogposts, and I cannot accept ads on a per-click basis. If you are interested in advertising, please contact me for rates and policies. The Lovely Bicycle blog currently receives an average of over 5,500 visits per day from around the world.

About Me

In the spring of 2009 I rode a bicycle for the first time in 13 years. Things spiraled out of control from there!

Today you might know me as the author of the Lovely Bicycle blog. I ride bikes. I photograph bikes. I try out and review all sorts of bikes and bike-related products. I am curious about bicycle design and framebuilding. I aim to promote handmade products and the persons who make them. As someone who got into cycling relatively late in life, I am still a beginner and have much to learn.

Cycling has been my sole means of transportation for the past 4 years. I also enjoy roadcycling, and am a member of the Ride Studio Cafe cycling club.

A former academic, I now work as a freelance consultant, writer and photographer. I am European-born and a frequent traveler, currently based in Somerville, MA. Constance Winters is a pen name.

Where you can find me:
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